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Be Still & His Reckless Love

Be Still and know that the Lord is in control

Be still and trust what the Lord has said is done

Surely love and mercy and Your peace and kindness will follow me.

Your love surrounds me here

Learnt at Hillsong NYC, 27 May 2018


Thank God, my Lord.

I take delight in You, Your name and Your love.

앞으로 나아가는 것에만 초점을 맞추다 보니 모든 게 더딘거 같아 보였지만

뒤돌아 보면, 나의 부족함에도 불구하고 주신 것이 많다.

내 뜻대로 되지 않은 모든 것들과 내 힘으로 하려다 놓쳐버린 것에서

나의 믿음 없었음을 보고 나니, 그분이 제대로 보이고,

내려 놓고 맡겨드리니 기쁨이 채워진다.

나의 상황은 바뀐 것 없지만

그분의 신실하심으로 인하여 기쁘고 기대가 된다.

Not because of what I've been praying but for the sake of Your great name,

I believe that You will do good to me all the time as You've been so so good to me.

And I will sing of Your love forever !!!

There is no shadow You won't light up

Mountains You won't climb up coming after me

There is no wall You won't kick down

Lie You won't tear down coming after me

Learnt at Hillsong NYC, 20 May 2018

#hillsong #nyc #bestill #reckelesslove #God

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