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You split the sea (no longer slaves)

This video reminds me of a dream.

About 3 years ago on a winter night I had a dream that I was walking up a mountain path alone.

When arrived at the top, I saw the plain but strangely I couldn’t help fearing for something.

I didn’t know what made me fear and what I feared for.

Ever since I saw there’s certain amount of fear within me which I could never let it go.

Maybe it’s the fear of uncertainty … disappointment … failure … future … or something else.


I was enlightened after a long time of prayer of repentance that

I had regarded myself higher than the God.

My self-righteousness and pride had led me away from the true God

and I had become a slave to fear unknowingly.

The lyrics of the song is now my praise.

You surrounded me with a song of deliverance from my enemies till all my fears are gone.

I'm no longer a slave to fear. I am a child of God.

You split the sea so I could walk right through it.

My fears were drowned in perfect love.

You rescued me and I can stand and sing,

I am a child of God.

#fear #slave #God #child

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